Paula Burgess

Founder ➔

Paula did a lot of drawing as a child. Never in her wildest dreams did she see herself as an agency owner. When college came, she chose art. It seemed like a great way to breeze through college. Art classes are three times as long as any other class curriculum! After several quarters at La Tech in Interior Design, she changed majors to Graphic Design. Loved every minute of it! After graduation, landed a job back in Monroe with a large discount chain. After a stint as an inhouse artist and a short stint at an advertising agency, she decided that she never wanted to be fired so why not start her own company? 37 years later, still running an agency but now with more wonderfully talented and creative people. She is ready to pass the baton and is looking forward to her daughter running the show.

Everyone dreams dreams, few live them. Welcome to ours.


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(318) 325-1544 | 1220 STUBBS AVE., MONROE, LA 71201