How Marketers Use Video

2021 Survey Reveals How Marketers Take Advantage of Video

Whether you are a small-town mom-and-pop business or a global conglomerate, you cannot deny the value of video content in marketing. In fact, 70% of marketers swear by the value of video marketing and say that it has shown a positive return on investment. This statistic alone should be enough to get you excited about video. Video content has immense value. If generated craftily, video has the potential to showcase the important features of a business while giving a touch of a personal connection. Visual content is always more entertaining because it is catchy with fun graphics, spunky audio and a variety of styles. According to a latest video marketing statistics report, there were some key takeaways about the objective and preference of marketers when it comes to what value video content offers.

Business objectives behind video marketing

Trying to pivot video marketing can be like opening a digital can of worms, quite intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be. Understanding what kind of video works where can ease up some of the intimidation and streamline a strategy that works for your benefit. There are multiple value-adding objectives that can be achieved with video marketing. Here’s what marketers opt for:

NMY How Marketers Use Video


1. Building awareness

Building brand awareness using video content has quite a ripple effect. The more people see your content out there, the more they know about you. The more people know about you, the more chances you have at expanding your consumer base. Video is an SEO goldmine as it gives a very fertile opportunity to create backlinks, increasing likes, shares, and to direct traffic back to your website. The chart above shows that 28% of marketers use video to build awareness for their brands.

2. Explain products

An explainer video is the step-by-step breakdown of a product or service. They provide the necessary context and information required to understand the concept. According to our survey, 24% of marketers use videos to explain their products. Combining audio and visual tools is the most succinct way of explaining a product. What is more is that they do so in a colorful, playful, and entertaining manner.

3. Increase sales

Having a diversified content portfolio can help you engage more of your customer base. Visitors on a website tend to stay on a page twice as long if it has a video on it. What happens when a person spends more time on your website? They find out more about your products and become more inclined to purchase them. About 18% of marketers prefer using videos to increase conversion rates. How-to videos are also a great way of increasing sales. Look at how Home Depot does it.

4. Increase traffic

We talked about how videos make the users spend twice the amount of time on a website. This increased visit time renders your page valuable. It signals Google to rank your website higher in the search results. A higher ranking ultimately leads to larger organic traffic towards your website. About 18% of marketers prefer using videos to drive traffic. Look at how MotionCue uses a video on their landing page. It makes things look a lot more interesting, doesn't it?

NMY How Marketers Use Video

5. Customer onboarding

The traditional way of onboarding the customer through an intimidating text manual has become pretty outdated. An onboarding video is a great alternative. It can help your customers get the maximum value from a purchase and their positive experience will foster brand loyalty. According to the MotionCue survey, 12% of marketers use video content for customer onboarding. Which means not many people are taking advantage of this type of video. Now, there are several things you can do with an onboarding video to help your customers. You can add a helpful demo or how-to video in your onboarding package to get the customer acquainted with your product.

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